Women's Day Calendar 2016-17
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The idea of Women’s Day Calendar was generated from the debate on the true meaning of beauty and society's present mindset of understanding the definition of beauty and misjudging those who have somehow lost their physical beauty. The photoshoot aims to create awareness on this issue of Acid Violence globally.

Unlike typical calendars, the calendar titled "SheRoes" that features 7 acid attacks survivors begins from the month of March 2016 and ends in February 2017. We believe that if you friends keep this calendar at home, you would point at your acceptance towards the acid attack survivors.

For the past three years, since its inception as a Facebook campaign on March 8, 2013, SAA has connected with more than 300 acid-attack survivors and has guided and supported them with their legal fights, medical aid and emotional battles. Not long after Stop Acid Attacks came into being in March 2013, Chhanv Foundation followed in May next year, where acid attack survivors are the board of directors. Out of this journey towards rehabilitation was born Sheroes’ Hangout, a business venture run by the survivors. At present we have two cafe outlets, one in Agra and the other in Lucknow where survivors of acid violence are the frontrunners.

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