The Stop Acid Attacks campaign works to chase immediate and long term goals. Our immediate goals are providing sustenance and shelter to acid attack survivors. When we launched, we noticed that many survivors, who came to Delhi for treatment and surgery had to spend their days by the road, without a soul to care and nourish them. We realized the need for a clean, safe and comfortable environment for survivors and their families, where they could stay while receiving medial aid. This spot of shade and succor, we called Chhanv. It provides complimentary bedrooms, a well equipped kitchen and a safe and clean atmosphere for those in dire need of it.

Moreover, Chhanv is a rare meeting place for all our survivors. Where they come to share joys, sing, dance and joke, without revisiting their pain and anguish. We organize trainings, workshops, counseling and many other programs to support and facilitate the survivors. Much of this endeavor boosts their self confidence, powers their self esteem and sets them on a path to self reliance. Being a campaign, our attempt is to create a wave, a flow of social awareness and sensitivity, and our continuous engagement through activities at Chhanv keeps this in motion. Chhanv is truly a haven of shade, and a nucleus of hope and support. We believe, that each one of our survivor will feel emboldened and encouraged to be a crusader some day. While our hearts and doors remain open and welcoming all the time, we do hope that Chhanv will serve as a model, and many more support centres will be established around the country.

About Us

When dreams die, they do not make much noise. When hopes are crushed, the sighs are soundless. Acid corrodes gently. Eating away at her skin, bones and her dreams. The rest of her life begins now. A battle against unending, excruciating pain, deformity, social negligence, ostracisation and an invisible justice system. When a girl is attacked by acid, she is also relegated to the fringes of society, consigned to its dark recesses. Often, forced to hide...

Pillars of Strength

Laxmi: My name is Laxmi. Read my story. I'm one of you. In fact, I am like you. I was young and beautiful and I had a dream. Even when I was studying in a Delhi school in Class VII, I would spend hours singing. I'd recorded my songs and sent them to talent hunt competitions. I was waiting for a call from 'Indian Idol'.
I'm from a poor family. My father worked as a chef in a South Delhi home. I became friends with another girl in the...

Acid Attack Fighters

Reshma: Reshma Rangrez, a 32-year-old braveheart, who had exposed her husband Shehzad in July 2011 for making crude bombs, was attacked by her in-laws who threw acid on her.
Angry for sending their son to jail, Shehzad's parents often fought with her. Even as Danilimda police were investigating the complaint, the in-laws recently forced their way to her home near Bombay Hotel area of the city...